Shelley And Robertson

Mark & John, & their band have been selected to travel with & perform for the Variety Bash 2012 - from Balmain to Bamaga.

they will perform - 'Big Night Out Band' -

                              - 'On the Road Again - Willie & Roy' -

                              - 'Homeward Bound - the Songs of Simmon & garfunkel' -

we are excited to be a part of the Variety Bash.

Well .....we ar back !!!  What an amazing adventure !

we travelled over 4000km in 10 days, saw parts of Australia we have never seen before, & experienced (& swallowed) red dust like never before.

we performed five shows whilst we were away with the Bash. John Williamson, & John Paul Young were 'entrants' on the Bash. One of the final nights (at Bamaga)was extra special, with john Williamson performing a memorable set before ours, & John Paul Young performing a selection of hits with us.

it was fun, exhausting, memorable & a privelege to be part of such a great cause & organisation.